Thursday, May 30, 2013

New beginnings

My in laws have arrived - they are visiting us after four years. Their last visit was traumatic on both sides. So we are all cautiously approaching this visit. The sister in law has stepped in and is hosting them for exactly half their stay which helps immensely.

I have decided for every one thing that annoys me about them, I will think of one thing that they did is nice so that the anger is eliminated.

I returned from an out of town trip exhausted and hungry. I had made food for a whole week ahead of time so that they would have home cooked food when they arrived.

Annoying thing: My mother in law praised the only thing which I had not made and bought from outside - the rotis and commented on how nice that Aunty makes them etc. Is it too much to say everything I had made was nice??

Nice things they did: they waited for me to arrive even though they were very sleepy.
They love my husband and children.

Let go let go let God!