Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The best teacher in life is life itself!!!

Life continues to kick our ass and teaches us long painful lessons. We hope this is the last setback, tomorrow might bring good news or next week for sure but next week comes and goes and so does the week after it. Every sunny cloud seems to have a dark lining to it; the minute we start getting hopeful or optimistic about one thing, it immediately proceeds to fall apart. You know how they say that you can bear your own troubles but you cannot bear to see your loved ones in pain. The same way I am really done begging the Almighty, fate, the universe to send some good cheer P's way. Yes, he procrastinated and dilly dallied and hurt his own career but this has been punishment enough. Please please please cut him some slack and give him a break!

SO big painful lessons learnt:

1. Your attitude when you are waiting, is far more important than the results of the wait. I need to remind myself everyday to support and cheer P. These might be one of the most unhappiest days in his life and I should atleast make sure he knows I am by his side and understand.
2. Look for the good everyday. Celebrate small successes. We are so fixated on the things we know we deserve and should achieve that we sometimes forget to celebrate and be happy about the small things we get and sometimes without any effort, along the way. I have a contract opportunity within days of my job search and I should be happy and excited about it. Money is money is money after all!!
3. Count your blessings - all those things that we take for granted until we lose some. This is the first time in my life that I am actually worried about our financial stability. I had never even thought of it in my twenties and thirties and now on the cusp of entering my forties, I worry about our employment and finances :(
4. Health is wealth. If you are fit and healthy, you can take on the world :)

With that I am going to go sleep and hope with all my might that tomorrow indeed will bring good news or I will count by blessings one more time and hope that we are almost there, this too shall pass!!