Saturday, August 20, 2016

Where did my summer go!!! :)

So after months and months of doldrums and taking this scary decision of quitting my well paying job, the job that gave us subsidized cost insurance, the job that was our stability; walking away from it was terrifying but staying was even worse. And walk away I did and I still do not regret that decision at all.

I joined a local gym right away and started going to their group exercise classes. Love love loved the freedom. I would drop off both girls and then go the gym, come home and organize a section of my house, one at a time, cook and then go pick up the girls so they didn't have to stay in after care. Some days the girls wanted a break from routine and would ask to stay home and I would let them. We would take spontaneous days off and plan fun things - they took breaks from their summer camps after every couple of weeks and are now taking August off before they go back to school :) It was fun and relaxing for them too. I took them and their friends places - the children's museum, a farm, a local forest preserve and so on.

In the first week of August, my family descended upon us. We were 22 under the same roof - all the way from 9 months to seventy years :) I planned our entire family gathering from the food to the activities and we had a blast! :)

My Mama in law (Uncle in law) was hospitalized for open heart surgery and ended up having to be in the CCU (ICU) for almost a week. So I spent a LOT of time back and forth to the hospital and being there for them. Mama Mami have always loved me like their own daughter and I was glad to have had the time to be there for them in this difficult phase.Fortunately he is much better now and is on his way home from the hospital now.

I also joined a medical weight loss solutions clinic and lost about 12 pounds so far from diet - substituting food with their meals.

AND I did ANOTHER HALF marathon - it was more to accompany my cousin who is 64 years old and has turned into Forrest Gump since his retirement. He literally walks all day!!! He finished twenty minutes before me!! But I am so proud of myself - going from not being able to walk a mile to walking 13.1 miles in 3.5 hours this year.

R's school starts on Monday and slowly my summer break draws to a close. I really have lost my mojo, my ambitious drive for my career. I am not sure I want to go back to burning the candle at both ends. I love this luxury of taking care of my health, my children, my home. But we are paying about a thousand dollars per month for insurance and that is rapidly draining our savings. So a full time job is a must. Unless P finds one. I literally want to go to every temple and beg God to send an offer his way. That will be the cherry on the topping to end my beautiful summer break.

I want to remember this hard time to remind myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel always, sometimes you need to light light inside the tunnel and keep walking until you finally get out into the bright sunshine.