Monday, October 5, 2009

How How How...

How is it that just minutes after I have given my toddler a lecture on why she shouldn’t be waking up in the wee hours of the morning to drink milk, I am immediately starving and think about going downstairs for a little snack?

How is it that my boss wants every deliverable completed asap always (no matter how many I am working on) and she won’t extend my hours or increase my pay?

How is it that I need to go “above and beyond” both at work and at home with no expectation of anything in return?

How is it that I am reading the Ramaraksha for my baby to sleep calmly and peacefully and all through it, I yell at her at least once or twice to stop monkeying around and lie down and close her eyes?

How is it that it doesn’t feel good when my husband agrees with me on issues with his parents and I end up feeling bad for him and wishing I had never brought up the topic?

How is it that some people wish for a daughter like me while the one who has me wishes I were some one else’s daughter in law?

How is it that people have so many good things in their life and choose to only focus and obsess on the negatives?


  1. 1,3 and 5)So that you can inject urself with mommy guilt and wife guilt. That's how the universe is designed. Everything happens so that we can feel guilty as mothers and wives. What else explains a husband agreeing when we are talking about inlaws :-)