Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby steps to always being happy

Forgive yourself - Do it quick and immediate. We are sometimes our most harsh critics and by voicing out loud our critical opinions about ourselves, we sometimes tend to get our audience bought into it too. Then somehow we also attach tags to ourself - Sonia is too emotional, this always happens to Sonia and so on. Then one day we start believing those tags and alter our behavior in anticipation of it, I always fail at this so I am going to try half hearted....get my gist.

So my first step is going to be to forgive myself...

We had gone on a wonderful trip to visit my best friend since high school and her family. We returned late night Sunday and Monday somehow R convinced me that she was too tired to go to school so all the three of us lolled around at home and generally did nothing the whole day. Tuesday dawned bright and early and I packed R's ballet stuff thinking in my mind its Monday (she has her class on Monday evenings after school closes). On Tuesday I realised my mistake in the nick of time and P rushed over to pick her up before the school closed its gates. I was beside myself. I thought "Shit, I am such an idiot. Nowadays I do not remember anything. How could I mix up simple days? Now she has missed a ballet class that we paid good money for? Now she might fall behind the class. She must be so upset to be the last kid to be picked up from school. I am good for nothing. I dont have a job. I am fat!!! And then I thought Whoaaa how did I even reach on this sob trip!! So I forgave myself quick. I said to myself that this was a small thing, my children were safe and it could happen to anyone. I forgave myself and moved on and spared me the self pity trip and back :) I have also realised that if you tell someone in a self derogatory tone - See, how I behaved. Then it prompts the other well meaning person - husband/friend/family member to give you golden words of advice on how to manage your schedule better, how you should be stress free and also words on how to be happy. So laugh at yourself, most importantly FORGIVE YOURSELF and MOVE ON...

My first step to always being happy :))


  1. This is a perfect start. :) Hugs!

  2. This great :)
    it's good to catch yourself because it becomes anger within a spit second :)
    Glad you fight back accepting yourself and finding a solution

  3. Yes! It all will start from forgiveness, and that includes yourself too.