Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inappropriate things to say during meetings

So I was in this looong long boring meeting with a bunch of our external auditors and my colleagues….this large woman sat next to me blocking my view of the lady who did most of the talking during this meeting. Plus she was busy scratching her hair extensions, poking with a pencil, scratching, scratching…..ewww it distracted me, then grossed me out then led me to observing her as a respite from the necessary boredom of the debate going on. That’s when I noticed, she was wearing a silk white blouse (not transparent) but which clung to her body; she had humongous boobs and still there was no hint of a bra strap. This was far more intriguing and interesting than the discussion going on and at the end when the auditors opened it up to us and asked if we had any further questions; the only burning question in my mind was “Are you wearing a bra? What bra size do you wear? What is this miraculous underwear which seems to hold everything in place and is unseen?” I almost imagined myself saying it out loud. Sigh…One day when I am old and senile, I will definitely be saying things aloud as I think them…But maybe I wont even care by then…Ahh the pleasures of growing old…

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