Thursday, April 9, 2009

Training for the half marathon

So I am going on my first weekend training session, I have signed up to run a half marathon (2 at that)....I have never run in my life apart from the one time stray dogs chased me and my sister down the streets in Mumbai.....I missed our first training session so I am already the weakest link trying to catch up....and our trainer says we will do around 3 miles this weekend. 3 Miles!!!!! Thats like halfway around the world to me :( But I am determined to be fit and to keep up with the rigor of the training and the diet and be all fit and slim and sexy right in time for summer...Yaay....


  1. Good :) do post on how the training went. I gave my name for chennai marathon 2 years back and finally the Dr said I have wheezing and should not be running :(

  2. when i ran my first 3 miles, i felt really fit for days to come. so fit that i never ran 3 miles again after that. i'd reached my fitness quotient for a time. ;p But i wanna get back to running again. it sure is a stressbuster.