Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scary story born out of my nightmare yesterday

She soared through the skies pulled by the distant chanting of the shlokas. It had been ages since she had heard Sanskrit words uttered. The rhythm and the vibrations from the chanting washed over her like the warm comforting waters of her childhood Alibaug. She looked through this house and that trying to locate the origin of the recitation. Finally she saw her – a mother holding her baby in her lap and reciting the Ramaraksha. She swooped in and settled in a corner of the ceiling captivated by the scene. The baby was clutching her mother’s fingers while her eyes drooped sleepily. The mother was patting the baby and was engrossed in reading and pronouncing the shloka in the accurate manner. She had an idea; this was a good host body to stay in for a while. For a second the mother’s screams pierced the calm environment then she pushed the thoughts away. That would be for tomorrow, for today she was just going to soak in this calm and peace which she had yearned for so long…..


  1. hey, my gyaan of Bollywood tells me a ghost can't enter your body if ur are chanting shlokas.
    Are u challenging Bollywood?
    Or did u mean the baby?
    Now that's scary!

  2. Shee yaar the baby, now thats going to give me another nightmare ;) No, I didnt mean the baby.

    And I was so freaked out when I woke up yesterday then I realised, they chant the Ramaraksha to drive away evil spirits so aisa nahin hoga kabhi :) But then you saw the Sixth Sense na? He had all religion Gods with him and the bhoot still went to him :(

  3. I read it again.
    Let ur readers be free to me it still appears u are talking abt the baby. And that is making the last line so creepy..ekdum sixth sense type kahani mein twist :-)

  4. You are right! If you think of the baby na, the story is much more scarier :)