Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whats new?

I have a new job this year, exciting and challenging. And I spend time daydreaming - I think I am going slightly crazy because I find myself constantly daydreaming, daydreaming while I work, while I drive and when I reach home, I am mentally exhausted from my brain being overworked. I blame it all on 3 idiots, Wake up Sid - all these movies that I saw. I was reminded of my college/school days and I yearn to be back there - I love being married and having my baby girl but I want to feel carefree, single, with lots and lots of friends around me. Maybe thats what I need, need to get out and meet people apart from my usual circle of office, relatives and local friends. I dont want to grow up and I am going to turn 33 this year. It scares me, how did I get to 33, I want to be 22 again :)

Anyways I think what I miss most about being older is the lack of being surrounded by friends non stop. We always went everywhere in this huge group, hung out at college festivals, studied together in the library, I miss that companionship. Is it lonely as you grow old?

The bitter cold here makes it difficult to shake off the inertia and do something productive. There is this Zumba class in my local park district which I was thinking of taking, its so dark and cold outside, I have to pick up my daughter and go home, I have to fight off the inertia and go....I have thousand excuses for myself - I have two left feet, am nervous of joining any group exercise activity, its too cold outside, maybe I should spend more quality time with my husband and daughter but I should go, put my workout clothes on and go dance to Latin music. Maybe that will shake my boredom out :)

What do you do?


  1. Sonia, Happy New year..The weather does play a crucial role doesnt it..to our moods. I believe that is how the word sad was coined ( seasonal affective disorder)
    About turning 33...me too in a couple of days. And i wonder where did the time go???
    But isnt it nice to have a lovey hubby and kid and the freedom you have now?? Agree, I miss college days too. BUt i try to make most of my time now lest I regret it later.
    The best thing about this era, this decade i think is having friends all over the world. Isnt internet a wonderful media to connect us to new friends, old friends and blg friends? what do you say?
    Love bramha

  2. Hi Sonia :)

    First time on your blog. I tracked you down from Roop's. I was reading this particular post and I really felt like this was "Me" :D

    Growing up pains and all! I have these memories of college too...and though am 29.. I don't feel a day older than 24... see.. unwilling! :D

  3. Brahma, you are so wise, and what you say is very true!! sometimes I feel its easier to meet like minded people over the net (you have so many to choose from) rather than in real life! Thanks for being a friend :)

    SSS, Thanks for your comment, you are 29, you have to cross the bridge and walk into the 30-40 age bracket :)) enjoy every minute...