Friday, January 28, 2011

A new year, a new start

My new year resolution for this year onwards is to remain positive and to worry less, especially about things in the future. And I have realised that most of my worries are about hypothetical situations in the future. What if this happens and what if that happens etc etc.

I do want to get back into shape and want to get fitter. I find that just by merely sticking to any exercise routine and getting fit works absolute marvelous wonders in all other aspects of my life. When I was training for the half marathon, I would run by myself on weekdays and run with a group on Sunday early mornings. The early morning runs were so therapeutic! Its so immensely peaceful to run outside on a beautiful summer day, early in the morning. The state park where I ran, had deer grazing in the meadows and on many occasions we saw a Mommy deer with her babies. It was a super start to the day...I crave it and wish to run a half marathon this year too, lets see.

So when I was all hit and fit, I had an elevated sense of self worth and self esteem. Clothes fit better, I had more energy and I found myself signing up to try out new things - like I signed up to play volleyball on our department team (and we won too; no thanks to me, we had expert players on our team hehe). The fundu effects of exercise/working out are not over rated. They are really true. Plus once you run something, you get bragging rights forever, I might be sagging in all places I should be holding firm and looking like a scrawny cat but people look at me with respect in their eyes when I say I ran a marathon ;) Maybe its not respect and its shock - "Really, this sack of potatoes ran a marathon, who is she kidding" ;)

To take a step in that direction, I have joined this huge flashy gym in our area. Its a huge building with everything under one roof - basket ball courts, racquetball, tennis, swimming, yoga and all the usual treadmills, weights etc. Very intimidating too. I went in for a fitness assessment which basically said that my body age is 42 as compared to my chronological age of 33 :( My flexibility sucks and my cardiovascular fitness is poor. My bicep strength is fair but surprisingly 66% of my body mass is lean! Yay!! Something to celebrate ;) Well, I need to lose about 25 pounds to reach my "ideal" body :) Easy peasy huh..I have decided my goal is to lose 12 pounds over the next three months. Have taken two personal trainer sessions and am going to go work out EVERYDAY. Say a prayer for me ;)

On the positivity resolution; I react, stress, worry, obsess and then let it go - and I have decided to do all of this in under an hour. Nothing gets carried forward to the next day EVER. When I had my miscarriage, I was convinced I would soon be holding a healthy happy baby, and exactly a year later, I was holding my beautiful smiling baby S. I am going to stay positive and think happy thoughts always.

I have a super nanny; Touch wood, anti jinx spells and all....she has the "Most Important Person" in my life status, almost neck to neck with P, R and S and my parents and all ;) Its easy to rely on her, know that baby S is being loved and cared for and focus on myself - finding a good job, working out and the zillion exciting things to be done around the house like organizing our office, filing bills away and preparing the tax returns! Sigh...

All in all I am happy today! How are you doing?


  1. yay to your resolutions, Sonia. Best wishes.

    I haven't been to the gym in ages, but I so know what you mean by how working out helps self-esteem. Your post has made me resolve to hit the gym from next week. Let's see how it goes :)

    And oh, that sunday morning run sounds marvelous. I don't know if I will ever get up early to do that (that too on a sunday) but I would like to think that someday I hope to :D

  2. Titaxy, I am not an early riser too but I got hooked to those early morning runs! Try it one Sunday, you will love it for sure! But take someone along with you :)) A recommendation from me becoz I am a scaredy cat and I would like the thought that someone I know is also running behind or ahead of me ;)

  3. if you love dancing, you can go as well buy videos like ZUMBA or even log on You Tube and learn Line Dancing. They really burn calories. I am now on Zumba and I am enjoying it.

  4. Oh working out really does wonders no :)
    Am so glad that u r so happy :)
    God bless all of u and that nanny too :)

  5. good luck to you and your resolutions! mine are very similar to yours. Here's to 2011!