Thursday, June 17, 2010

An apple a day keeps the doctor away....

And in my case the same apple makes me go to the doctor!

Over the last year I had noticed that when I ate an apple, my whole mouth, inside of my ears and throat would itch. It would subside after some time and I had stopped eating apples. During my pregnancy, apples looked appetizing to me so I ate them with the normal itchiness etc. But since last week, the reaction has been a bit more stronger. After eating apples, peaches and more recently yesterday I took three four bites out of a pear and my throat closed up. It still isnt quite back to normal completely. It feels like my entire food pipe is swollen. I couldnt swallow, then slowly I could swallow with pain, every gulp felt was painful :(( Its been twelve hours since I ate that damned thing and something in my throat still hurts :((

My gyne thinks its a reaction to pesticides and I should eat organic only. I am going to take an appointment with my family doctor to go in for allergy testing or whatever.

Over the last couple of years, I had also developed spring allergies, I also suspect that I develop flu like symptoms when the pollen count is too high. What fun!! Prospective diabetes and now prospective food and pollen allergies. Someone is nazar lavofying to me is my scientific explanation so I am apologising to all parties who I must have even remotely annoyed :) (I just shot off a Sorry email to depressed friend's husband to whom I had sent an email saying she really needs help, please make sure she sees a psychiatrist and received no reply from him on it)

I am now telling my family and friends to keep those apples and especially pears away and forgive me if I look at your fresh fruit salad with extreme suspicion ;)

Do any of you have such allergies and any advice?


  1. Oh that's bad. Hope it gets better soon.

    I don't have any such allergies, thankfully. :)

  2. most fruits are coated with wax and underneath is the fertilizers and pesticides layer too. So wash your fruits with warm water before eating and wipe of with a towel. It may just help you a bit. enjoyed reading abt your girl.

  3. I was having the same problem, itching mouth with apples and peaches and any fuzzy fruit and some nuts.
    I was eating organic. I am severely allergic to pollen from hardwood trees like oak,birch, maple etc (north american), so the allergist thinks since the molecular structure of apples etc are so similar to the pollen , the body releases anti histamines and then calms down after a while when it realizes its not pollen.
    Never the less any kind of throat closing etc should be taken seriously, your body could go into Anaphylactic shock and you will need a epipen to help you breathe.suggest go to an allergist and get tested for it. Dont know if they will conduct one since you are preggers. you might have to wait. hope this helps.

  4. Titaxy: Shukhar karo, be happy and enjoy..I didnt have any fruit allergies until now :(
    Anjali: I am so scared to bite into an apple/pear/peach now...But I will definitely try your suggestion once I have a clearer idea of what I am allergic to.
    Anon: You have scared me :( I am terrified of that anaphylactic shock thing - I do have an appointment with my doctor to check out my allergies, lets see..Are you doing okay now?