Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updates and updates

1) I had my 20 week ultrasound appointment yesterday and we told the doctor we didnt want to know the sex of the baby so zip it. It was soooooooooooo cute to watch the baby. He/she is very active, he/she kicked the ultrasound scanner when the doctor pressed it on my tummy, maybe the baby thought it was a game and participation was required :)
2) I gained weight and am at 157 pounds now. At this rate I will surely be 170 by the time I deliver. Then its just a matter of losing 60 pounds over next year to get back to pre pre pre pregnancy weight (pre this pregnancy, pre last miscarried pregnancy, pre pregnancy with R). Is it too much of a lofty goal?
3) Our darling neighbors had another party and their yard was full of teenage boys and girls living it up. We moved to the guest bedroom in anticipation of another restless night. But at 10.45 PM, it was pin drop silence. The party had broken up and everyone had gone home. They are so nice! Or maybe many neighbors complained after their last party and they were shamed into behaving...
4) I am so tired everyday and my boss still hasnt told our group our fate, our company is going through an internal reorganization and everyone was supposed to know where they stand. Some days I feel like I wont even feel bad if I am let go, I will immediately gather my things and go home and take a nap. But just tell me already, I hate the suspense!
5) Thats it.........too tired to type.......when will it be five o clock?


  1. :) Glad to know everything's well with the pregnancy :) I'm v happy for you.

    Don't worry about the weight now. You can take care of it all later once you have the baby, no?

    The whole reorg thing sucks. We are having one too...as a matter of fact, we've been having one round of lay off almost every quarter for the past two years and it's soooo scary. Sigh. Hope all turns out well for you, Sonia. Hugs!

  2. Titaxy, maybe we work for the same company!! Its exactly what has been going on with me, its ridiculous. I think you get to the stage where you no longer care when it gets to that!

    I am determined to lose all that weight, next year will be my focus on personal fitness year :)