Monday, June 14, 2010

Mushy Mom alert

Our baby is growing up.....

1) She calls me Mom instead of her babyish cries of Mommy. Daddy is still Daddy though :(
2) She shuts the door when she goes to the bathroom and if we open and poke our head in, amused, she admonishes us with "I need some privacy, can you please close the door?".
3) She puts soap on herself and rinses herself off and refuses to let me pour water on her saying "I did it already, my bath is done".
4) She can put on all her clothes by herself.
5) She can go to the bathroom - start to finish - sit on the toilet, wipe her bum, wash her hands, turn the tap on and off all by herself.
6) She can take her blankie by herself, doesnt need to be tucked in anymore..
7) She can turn on the tap and fill her glass with water when she is thirsty - no more, I want paani cries.
8) She can eat well by herself when its her choice of food.
9) She is polite 70% of the time using her May I please....and Thank yous
10) She can open all doors and stomps off angrily outside the house when she is mad at me!

At night, she goes to her room and lies down on her bed like a big girl. But at the end of the day, she comes running back, her pillow and blankie streaming behind her saying - I need to sleep by Mommy :))))))) And that still makes Mommy happy some days :)))

(We have told her terrifying stories of how strangers might take her away in a car if she goes out by herself and we dont know that she has opened the door and walked out etc in a bid to stop this behavior.)

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