Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And we talked...

My birth father (Dad) and me, for the first time ever in our lives! He is traveling and is away from his family and can talk at length and freely.

It felt nice, my heart was racing when I called him. But then the tension dissipated. I cannot wait to talk to him again.

But it still feels like having an affair with a married man. He cannot talk to me from his city because he doesnt want to chat in front of his wife and kids. He is unsure of their reaction. I dont know where we are headed. We are so close virtually and now we are talking. If I visit India, will we meet? Where would we meet? I dont know.

For now, I have decided not to dwell over all those things and enjoy the present. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be in touch with him and here I am, talking to him.


  1. Enjoy the present Sonia and here's wishing that it all goes well. Stay happy :)

  2. I am glad you talked. That would be every child's dream to stay in touch with their birth parents. Why is so he afraid to talk to you in front of his family? Afterall, he knows you are his daughter and i guess even family knows aout it. If i would be at your position, i would deffinately ask him a question about this.

  3. Waw Sonia, I am so glad you talked to your dad. I can see how happy you are. I am sure the day is no that far, the day when you meet him..Good luck..

  4. Thanks Swaru!
    Anon - it must be complicated for him yaar. Think about it, its been 34 years, he is not used to acknowledging my presence ever, he has his wife and a daughter and son, everyone needs time to accept new things in life.
    Thanks Seena! I have decided not to push him to meet. Let it happen because he wishes it too.