Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday evenings..

Why are Sunday evenings so boring? There is nothing planned, there is an unsaid tension - get ready for the week ahead. If you have a boring/stressful/hated job, then Sunday evenings are unhappy because one stresses about the upcoming week. If you do not have a job then Sunday evenings are unhappy because you think of the coming week and the job applications you need to do.

I know what I want and need in life but its not in my hands. I know what I have and can do in my life and should act on it. Primarily to stay happy. And not to focus on what I dont have but to focus on the million things I do have and am taking for granted. My two beautiful healthy children!!

And to remind myself over and over, I will get a job, I will get a job I like soon.


  1. Hugs Sonia! Such precious kids u hv and they r the ones u will treasure life long. Job will happen :) Take care and gud luck :)

  2. Job will happen soon Sonia.I told before also and it happened..I am sure, give some time your dream job will be with you..

  3. Thanks girls!! I know but I still whine :))