Monday, December 7, 2009

New beginnings

I am already beginning to feel positive about this coming year....yesterday on a Sunday I got on my treadmill again and remembered how, many many Sundays ago I had started to run - couldnt even run for more than a minute and had practised my victory sign pose from day one of training for the half marathon. Every time I ran - getting better with every run - improving my speed and stamina, I imagined myself running across the finish line and I did it finally !! I actually ran the half marathon !!

So yesterday as I was running and looked at myself - my stomach hanging out, my ugly love handles, my tired face and I was suddenly filled with hope as I remembered my training days, how you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, if you can believe in yourself.

So this is a new strategy I am going to try out for myself, I am imagining a slimmer fitter me running on the treadmill, doing push ups with ease, having a wonderfully smooth pregnancy and delivery and then our family having a merry Christmas with the twinkling lights and our pretty Christmas tree and the snow outside - our family with a new healthy happy baby.....Yes, I know thats going to happen, for sure.....Happy Holidays!


  1. Hey Sonia,

    Sorry for the delayed response..

    Saw your comment on my site and have thought of you ( doesn't matter that I have never known you or never read your blog) almost every other day.

    I was hoping that you are strong enough..and have moved forward from the pains of a miscarriage ( don't exactly eman the physical pains heer) . Today, I just confirmed that by reading this post. :)


    * Amen * to your beautiful Christmas dreams for 2010!

  2. Thanks! Its funny how you can bond with someone you never know through common experiences. Thanks for your wishes! I have a new job and have flung myself into it :)

  3. You go girl! So happy to read this post.