Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Thanksgiving...

I am thankful:

1) For my husband, for not hesitating even a micro second to sign up to give me the shots and for doing it with such finesse that I didnt have to suffer at all.
2) For my mother, to travel within days notice and to take charge of our house here (or rather R and the kitchen/chores)
3) For my daughter, so the pain of a miscarriage wasnt so bad looking at her beautiful face and knowing there will be second chances.
4) For my Aunty, who so patiently told me motivating and uplifting things everyday and reminded me to stay in the present and forget the past and not dwell on the future.
5) For my friends, who fed my ego by constantly telling me how strong I am and how I face things with the right attitude.
6) For my family, who kept up a positive spirit, positive thoughts and didnt bring up faltu doubts to make a situation worse.
7) For my company to offer me a new role and believing in me.
8) For having a good life despite the occasional spurts of bad luck and worries.

May you all have a happy Thanksgiving and lets count the days left for this year to end and a new glorious year to begin. Happy Thanksgiving!

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