Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here we go again....

or rather I hope not...

Friday blood tests show a drop in progesterone so I need to start on the gel supplements right away. If they dont work, the dreaded shots will be back. The silver lining this time around is that the baby hormone is going strong, atleast I owe it to my baby to stay positive and strong and get through whatever comes my way.

Please God, I am begging you, please let the supplements work. I dont want to have to take the shots, they just made me feel awful with dizziness and fatigue and what not. Please God, let my baby stay healthy and strong. Please God, let me hold my healthy baby in November. Why do simple things have to be so hard!


  1. Am praying for you Sonia. Hope everything goes well.

    Please stay calm and positive!

  2. prayers and good wishes with you Sonia. Hugs!!!!!!

  3. Thanks girls!! I am trying...these bi weekly blood tests reduce me to a nervous mess everytime results roll around :(

  4. Sigh! Wish we hd an answer but am sure its gonna b well and we will see a nice update here in November. God bless u!