Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I dont know if its luck or careful planning followed by focus on execution to make sure their goal is attained or its just that the Universe is always on their side to make sure things work out exactly per plan......let me explain..

Many years ago, when all of us siblings were in India, my brother charted his life over ten years, with milestone events - admission into the prestigious engineering school, admission into PhD program overseas, new job, when he would get married, when he would have his first baby etc....and amazingly everything has turned out exactly as per his plan. And I am very happy for him, nazar na lagey...

His wife also must come from the same planet in terms of plans working out perfectly for her or maybe my brother's luck is so strong that she is swept into it, they are still making plans and are able to stick to them. Vacations without kids, longer India vacations between transitions from one job to the other, building their perfect home, you name it...

They had a baby girl last year and my sister in law declared that she didnt want to expose her baby to a daycare until she turned one atleast. Thats a noble intention which many women have. But she wasnt planning on any personal or professional sacrifices to make this happen. She was counting on her Mom and my mom (her MIL) to stay and look after her baby for 6 months at a time. My Mom's shift is due this June. I got pregnant last year and their well laid plans were shaken up, I would have delivered in June. My mom naturally would shift her priorities to me. But see everything worked out, I ended up losing the baby, my mother is on to report for Grandmother duty in June. All is well. I am not saying they didnt feel bad for me, their hearts were as broken as mine but I am just saying "Look at how everything works out for them, one way or the other".

Now my sister in law has planned to go to India with her kids and my Mom for company (an extra extremely helpful valuable hand with the baby on the plane) in November. My brother will follow her and they were all planning to have a good time in India etc. Now I am due to deliver in November....

Just once, just once, I am begging this Universe to side with me. I dont grudge you the tension caused by my in laws, I dont grudge you the lost baby, the lost months, I dont grudge you the tears and the pain both pregnancies bring, I dont grudge anything......Please just let me hold my beautiful happy healthy baby in November.....Pretty please.....


  1. All the good wishes for you, Sonia. Prayers are with you...hugs! Universe will be on your side, don't worry :)

  2. Hugs Sonia ... it sure will be. All our prayers n wishes with u! Am sure everything will be fine on ur side too :) God bless!

  3. Hey Sonia - first time on ur blog...and this touched me...i am speaking to Mr U on ur behalf...all the best!

  4. Thanks girls...Am feeling better now....Thanks for dropping by DOJ

  5. It will will be.. Loads of prayers being send your way..

  6. You seem so jealous of your SIL and brother, just chill, things will work out.

    Smriti Kalambi

  7. Smriti you are about a year late reading this post :) I wouldn't say jealous becoz it brings up notions of bad wishes for the other person which is absolutely not true as I love my sil and brother too much. When I wrote this I was going thru a phase when all my plans were flopping and nothing seemed to go my way!