Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Free Free

Free exercise plan available here ;)

I had my second (and final) session with the trainer (that is all that I can afford for now) and she has done an awesome job of making a customized workout schedule for me. So if you are about 5 feet four inches tall and around 145 (cough cough 150) with most of your weight sitting firmly on your bum, you can copycat this plan :) As usual all the dire disclaimers as are present on medicines and any activities you sign up for - blah blah, I take no responsibility for sprained necks, increased weight blah blah...

So ready....
* Alternate strength training and aerobic exercises *.

Aerobic - I am going to run/walk on the treadmill for atleast half an hour everyday slowly increasing time and distance and speed as I get fitter.

Strength training is a whole list of things to do which made me sooooo sore all day the next day :( Advil Zindabad or your choice of painkiller druggies..

1) Single leg balance - hamstring curls - supposedly great for burning off the fat on the butt. Becoz I am not so blogsavvy and short on time to post great pictures, I am doing the next best thing - see the link for the machine/technique

Whatever exercise you do, dont move/sway the whole body, wrong wrong wrong....follow the instructions precisely on the machine or ask someone at your gym on observing if you are employing the correct technique. If you are in poor physical fitness condition like me, you will realise that you can only do about 10% of the action which they depict on the machine. When the trainer would show me an exercise, it would seem so simple until I would actually try it out myself :((

Do 12-15 times 3 repetitions

2) Leg drop - strengthening the glut - 12-15 times 2 reps. I couldnt find an image for this but its that thingy where you push back with one leg on the weight while lying down on your tummy or rest your chest on the other thingy standing up - have I confused you thoroughly? :)

3) Squats Awesome video - only thing that my trainer made me do was start the squat with my arms raised then lower the arms as you squat and then jump and hold the position and then do it over and over....As many as you want.

4) Pushups - I do standing pushups - make sure to keep your body straight and bend in the elbows and try to reach with your chest as far as you can go down..kinda like this but I use a weights machine danda instead of the wall.

Remember Salman Khan from Maine pyaar kiya doing push ups...Mmmm....I should ask P to get started on his - sigh... Do as many push ups as you like - its hard!

5) Tricep press down - with a band - its really putting the resistance band on something a little bit high up and then slowly pulling it past your body.
15-20 times 4 reps

6) Lunges - 6 each way I love this guy!

Do sideways and this No, dont get carried away and hold weights in your hands...

7) Modified plank hold - as long as you can. This is one of the awful exercises which looks oh so easy when the fit trainer drops down and does and is impossible to imitate when you try to do it :(

8) Star for back - lie on your tummy, suck in your core (Oh will tell you all about it, wait up) and lift one stretched hand and opposite leg and hold. Alternate. Do not let your hip lift up from the ground.

9) Bicep curls this lady is doing both hands at the same time, my trainer told me to do alternate using 5 lbs weight and 12-15 times.

10) There is one more exercise for the shoulders using resistance bands, this time the band is hooked on to something lower than your body right next to the ground and instead of pulling it down, you pull it up diagonal to your body and high up out -take care you keep your elbows soft and not make your hand straight and rigid when doing the action. 12-15 times 2 reps

11) Hip abductors - these are commonly available at all gyms. Do 25-30 2 reps starting out with very low weight. If you want to lose weight on hips, do not use more weights, you will have humongous muscly hips then and will be trying to track me down to hit me over the head with them :(

12) Stomach crunches - Lie on your back, suck in your gut, make sure your lower back touches the ground and raise your legs and make a table top kinda thing with your legs bent in the knees - google it please "table top stomach crunch" and do 15-20 reps.

Thats all! Phew, I am exhausted from typing these up too :( Oh yeah, anything and I mean anything you do in the gym (and she says even outside) always suck in your gut and hold. Thats strengthening your core and where is your gut, you say, its an inch or two below your belly button. So ignore the flab hanging out over and around the belly button but focus on sucking in and holding the core.

And in other great news, you will slowly start to lose weight first in your boobs and then overall slimming effect and then slowly your back etc - all insignificant places and in the end your butt :( So when you have been working out diligently and crazily, you will still look awkward and like shit for a few months and then I expect one day it will be like Boom - ooh I fit in size six jeans and look so very hot kinda deal hehehe...I think....let me find out.

So I have decided that I will do the run/walk on treadmill and 8,9 and 12 on one day and the rest on the next day and rinse and repeat. Ready to join me people??

Happy Working Out !!


  1. thanks for posting this Sonia. I'll have to start an exercise regiime soon. no postponing anymore :P

  2. Go do it Titaxy!! Though from all the hiking/camping/canoeing you do, I dont think you need it so bad :)

  3. Have you ever tried High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?? It's supposed be the best for fat loas because of the way it works you continue burning calories even after you have finished exercising.

    The beauty of it is that you don't need to spend 1/2hr-1hr on a cardio machine - literally 20 mins is enough.

    The way it works is that raise your heartrate and bring it down again in intervals - you can do that by increasing speed or resistance on the machine. You work at YOUR OWN rates of perceived exertion (i.e. it's what YOU feel like is a 5 on the intensity scale going up to a 10 where you feel like you're about to die :P)

    The "Intensity Level" is based upon Perceived Exertion.

    Level 5: Pretty easy going, you are moving, but could do this for a while before feeling tired

    Level 6: Okay, we're moving now. The heart rate is starting to pick up. it's still fairly easy though

    Level 7: Sweat it starting to form and your breathing is becoming more labored

    Level 8: Yep, you're really moving now. It would be very difficult to carry on any type of conversation with anyone. Maybe just a few words here and there, but nothing more.

    Level 9: Holy Crap! Keep those legs moving, just keep the moving. Don't stop, come on, you can do it!!

    Level 10: Sweet Jesus!!! I feel like I'm going to DIE!

    Example -

    *first two mins 1-2 - warm up at RPE 5,
    *min 3 RPE 6,
    *min 4 RPE 7,
    *min 5 RPE 8,
    *min 6 RPE 9,
    *min 7 bring it back down to RPE 6.
    *min 8 RPE 7
    *min 9 RPE 8
    *min 10 RPE 9
    *min 11 RPE 6
    *min 12 RPE 7
    *min 13 RPE 8
    *min 14 RPE 9
    *min 15 RPE 6
    *min 16 RPE 7
    *min 17 RPE 8
    *min 18 RPE 9
    *min 19 RPE 10
    *min 20 cool down at RPE 5

    It makes the workout much faster as you only need to focus on holding that level for a minute at a time.

    Another example:

    * one minute speed walking
    * one minute “jogging”
    * one minute sprinting (as fast as you can)

    Repeat that 10 times for a total of 30 minutes. Don’t forget to warm-up and cool-down.

    Try it :D

  4. Silvara! Pehele kyun nahin bola ;) after I was so happy with myself for making such a super exercise plan hehe..I will try your way on my aerobic days..
    Thanks pretty Swaru!