Thursday, February 24, 2011

A smile is harder than a sad face...

Yeah staying cheerful is hard work on some days. I had to go back to work for a bit again and it again depressed me. I think if I had a job lined up already, I wouldnt feel this way. I went to the gym and was depressed looking at the others. I felt like I was the only fat slob in town. I half heartedly worked out for a little bit and came home. My heart isnt in anything. I want to go out, when I go out, I want to go home. I want to be with my baby, I want to work. I want to be fit, I dont want to work out. I want my Mommy :( I dont want to go to India. Maybe sulking for some time will help, only if it doesnt lead to more self pity....

Oh yay, I feel so much better already.....for the two people who read my blog and others, please ignore this post. I can only call up my friends and family so many times to vent in person. Pretty soon they will be enormously bored with my constant whining. My blog and my laptop cannot complain so here is my space to whine :)

Hope all of you are having a better day!


  1. this too shall pass, Sonia. many many hugs to you. and you know how to reach me, anytime you feel like venting out, write to me :) i will be glad to be there for you, even though i might not be able to do much.

    hugs. take care.

  2. Vent here as much as you like. We are here for you. Hope things work out soon.


  3. Hi Sonia,

    Been reading your blog for sometime now, and I feel like we are friends already! Good luck and best wishes with everything. Just hang in there, take care of yourself, and spend time with you babies - you'll come out of it a stronger person.

  4. Hey Sonia,

    I have been been reading your blog since a long time and i am glad that you have a courage to say what you feel. I always kept everything in my heart. But today feel like sharing it so you might feel better. I was in same situation before few years. Had my baby, quit the job and didn't work for 1 year after my delivery. And the worst thing is, i lost my mom in that year. :( I was so depressed at that time. Market was so bad that i wasn't even getting interviews and suddenly one day i got a fulltime job. I have been working since last 2 years. In short this time will go away. Spend quality time with your kids as they grow fast on this age and again this time won't come again. Everything will be allright. Take Care.

  5. Titaxy: Thank you sweetheart :) I am so touched by your concern and love.
    Comfy: Thank you :)I will grow up and stop whining now though :)
    Anon 1: Thank you dear! Tell me more about yourself too, we are virtual friends after all :)
    Anon 2: So so sorry to hear about your Mom, I cannot even imagine your pain :( You are right in saying this too shall pass, everything is temporary after all..

    Thanks to all of you, I do feel much better - its just the impatience of "Apply apply no reply", I do think once I start working I will be back to bitching about how I need time off :)

  6. I have been following up this space for a while now. I can totally understand your situation. .Things will be better soon..don't worry too much think abt future, job etc..Be happy and enjoy with the kids..I am sure things will turned out good..

  7. im glad this has passed already :)).