Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to gym we go...

Today is day two of project Hit fit Ms.Sonia. Yesterday was my first ever in my life experience of working out with a dedicated personal trainer. Her name is Pam, she is 42 and I look way older and fatter than her. She has this amazing body and I kept my mouth shut to stop from blurting out - did you get a boob job and liposuction or is this all mehenat ki body and if so, help me get one!!

Anyways she was being very nice and all, but a while into our session, I could feel the "I am working with an uncoordinated idiot" vibes flow through her :(( I was trying but my brain and my limbs have some sort of a communication issue plus the warm up moves which she was showing me was akin to playing Twister and she had to finally yank on my leg and arrange my body to get me in the right positions :(

I was exhausted from the warm up and wanted to go home but half of my paid session was still pending so I reluctantly followed her and did some zillion painful squats and push ups. Sigh!

Today I went back to work out on my own to not stop my gym routine, now that its finally started....I ran/walked on the treadmill for thirty minutes and was determined to work out on the machines etc but at the end of my run/walk, I was so lightheaded when I got off the treadmill, that my legs just carried me into the parking lot and the car and home. I told you my limbs and brain are uncoordinated!

P said "What a waste of good money, have you forgotten we have a treadmill at home". What do husbands know! Remind me never to share my exercise routine with overambitious overachiever people like him.

Anyways I wear my cool gym pants and my cool gym t shirt and my expensive worn out running shoes but I still feel shy and awkward and clumsy when I walk into this swanky gym :( I walk upstairs on the side of the stairs where you should really walk downstairs and realise it half way when people are neatly filing past me saying "Excuse me". I walk into the treadmill area and hide in a corner spot and then am horrified to find myself right next to the mirrors and I cant stop checking myself out - Omg, my butt looks huge and what are those limp things on my tummy, oh they are my boobs and other self deprecating realizations :( I walk into the bathroom and there are all these insanely fit females with awesome figures walking around in towels. So there I am peeking at these models and making mental lists of "Oh, I should really buy some fancy underwear like that etc".

There was one class in progress - I am terrified of attending any of these team training/group classes because of my uncoordinated limbs and body and everyone in that class was so fit and kicked and punched in the air in unison/perfect coordination. How come there are no fat, saggy, flabby, out of breath, out of shape women/men in these classes? Where are the classes for these people? And where do I sign up?

Anyways I am off to research and make a super exercise plan for myself - work the butt on one day, legs on other blah blah and soon I will be a yummy mummy and people will be like "Omg, did she get a boob job and lipo done" :)


  1. and please do share the exercise plan with the lazy me so that I can use it too as and when I decide to go back to the gym :P

  2. Hehe T, do you want me to share it before or after I see results?

  3. i kinda understand ur feelings. Personally I belong to that breed of men who prefers the hardcore sweaty gym with free weights and a few machines filled with grunting, sweaty men in worn t-shirts and tracks. Lately i went to this swanky gym for which the registeration cost itself was equal to my kidney. Moreover it was filled with beautiful people.

    i mean, why pay and go to a place where u have to first get in shape before u want to be seen inside it?

    so its back to the 1 hour early morning walk/cycling and an hour session of grunting and sweating in the corner gym...

    where the only ones who look like poster models are the ones in the poster on the wall..

    all the best with the fitness regime..

  4. can't wait to see what happens

  5. WTG yummy mummy :) Gud luck :)

  6. I've never been to a personal trainer. I always feel uncoordinated and then get insecure thinking they think I'm uncoordinated too!
    Good luck! Love to know how it goes for you!

  7. What i would suggest is before hiring a trainer, focus on losing some pounds and getting back in routine..Thats what I did Sonia..I lost 10 pounds, before i could attend any group class..I have never worked out with a trainer though...All the best Yummy Mummy and i know you can do it...Lots of love to the kiddos.

  8. Tys: "i mean, why pay and go to a place where u have to first get in shape before u want to be seen inside it?" So true hehee :) but I have figured out a time when its poorly fit people like me who come to work out (works right now becoz of my unemployed situation) and I go exercise then :)
    Naulty and Swaru - Thanks :)
    Maan, that is exactly how I feel about group classes, I have still not stepped into one but working out with a trainer rocks. Try it if you have the moolah.
    Nids: they gave me 2 free sessions with a trainer as a part of "Thank you for joining our gym and paying through the nose for it". I loved working with her, she gave me many tips, taught me the correct techniques and made an exercise plan. Now to execute on it. You are awesome! My inspiration always :)