Friday, April 1, 2011

Are you over confident?

Then try looking for a job....its apply apply no reply and then because I have been saying that for a while, now I am getting replies everyday and they are all rejections!!! And yes, the well meaning aunties who keep saying - Take some years off, stay home with the children. Why is that you are automatically judged as a bad mother if you choose to want to work outside the home?

I think my kids will have a better mother if I am a better me and I am a better me if I have my self worth and identity which is (sadly maybe in the eyes of some, but I am not ashamed to admit) defined by my career for me. I love waking up in the morning and having this routine. If I stayed home, I would get nothing done. We would all lie around in bed till eleven. I am not disciplined like some people. I do think being a stay at home mom requires nerves of steel and great internal confidence and security and I dont possess both.

I like waking up, having my routine, getting dressed, sending my girl(s) to school where they can learn many things from trained professionals, having my own friends, enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done, being intellectually stimulated, putting all those years of studying and hard work to get my degrees to good use, earning my own money, coming back home to my family, enjoying my evenings with them, being able to take lavish vacations with them, being able to put something away for their future....Whether you are happier working or staying home is an extremely personal decision and no mother should be judged for choosing either way.

Of course I can do all this because R loves her school and wakes up every morning enthused to go to school. If she would wake up and cry everyday or get perpetually sick from the germs being passed around at school, I could have been singing a different tune.

I can do this because I have an awesome young nanny who devotes her time to baby S. I know baby S is looked after really really well.

I can do this because I have a husband who would love to see me work, who supports me and is happy in my accomplishments - at home and at work and outside.

And I can do this because we are in a country which allows for work life balance and understands the working mother's dilemma.

So Yes, thats why I am desperate to have a job soon...Now if only the rejects will turn into accepts miraculously overnight, I will be up and running on my way....but good things come to those who wait, so wait I will, and with a smile at that..

Someone give me a JOB NOW..


  1. That's the spirit! I am sure your perfect job will come your way soon...wait and watch :) hugs.

    PS: I am around, just too lazy to write any new posts :P

  2. You sound positive..keep the spirit on and stay in with the search..good weekend..

  3. Keep that smile on u always :)