Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reason # 221 to have kids and other...

Today morning I was singing Pardesi girl (from Dostana).....
Me: Whos the hottest girl in the world?
R: Pausing to brush her teeth to yell - its you Mommy!
Hehe.....where would you have such an adoring fan club? (Husbands dont count as they are unreliable in that department, atleast mine is, with the compliments ie)

Well in other news, I had my first ultrasound appointment yesterday. The doctor's office has a new ultrasound machine so P and I were taken aback at the clear image of the little baby waving his/her arms and legs and dancing almost. I was in tears the whole time as the technician kept reassuring me that everything looked fine, measurements were fine etc.

Now next ultrasound/blood test in in the last week of April which will also signify end of first trimester. Once I get the results of those tests, I will announce to the whole wide world (this is a first for me having kept my mouth shut so long) that I am pregnant! More than the whole wide world, I cannot wait to tell R. P is terrified and wants to make sure we pick the right moment when she is feeling happy and generous because that conversation could go either way. She could be a terrific older sister, doting and adoring and all that or just a devilish monster, hating to share her Mommy with someone else.. When I had asked her hypothetically if Mommy and Daddy can get another baby home? She had choked back tears and said "Noooooooo, I am only Mommy Daddy's baby".

I am sure my birth mom's first question will be "Is everything okay this time around? Are you sure? Is the baby's development okay? Are you sure? Does the doctor have any doubts?..". That woman can never ever focus on the positives and you can count on her to create panic and anxiety in every situation when you would rather stand strong.

My parents of course know, they are my rock, my anchor! Thank God for second chances and giving me the most awesomest parents ever....I am what I am and do what I do, all because of them...


  1. yay nice!!! good to know that all's going well, Sonia! Best best best wishes to you :)

  2. Aww I cant wait to hear something like that then lol ;)
    Glad to know its all gng well :) Gud luck with the next ultrasound :) Stay happy :)

  3. Found your blog through Roop's. I am in the same boat. 4 weeks pregnant and my doctor says my progesterone is low and put me on prometrium. She did not tell me anything else, but reading stuff on the net about low levels makes me shit scared about the little baby growing inside me. Your posts gave me a lot of solace. Now sometime tomorrow or the day after I will know the result of the 3 blood tests she did last week. Scared but hopeful. I hope everything is going well for you.
    -Anonymous hopeful woman.

  4. Titaxy and Swaram: Thank you so much for your good wishes!! I do believe it is becoz of all the good vibes my friends and family send to me, that I get good things :))

    Anonymous, dont worry! As long as your HCG is going strong, you will be fine. Last time my HCG was also miserable, hardly increasing at the rate it should etc, so it was just not meant to be. A good strong HCG is what you need. Low Progesterone can be tackled. Email me if you want to talk more..Good luck!

  5. Just wanted to update you on what happened. My hcg wasn't going up as much as my doctor wanted, so she pretty much told me it wasn't looking normal and I should expect to lose it. She was also concerned that it was ectopic. Long story short, I started to bleed and went to her for consultation about next steps. She is 100% sure it is ectopic and gave me methotrexate shots to dissolve the tissue. I guess it is good it happened now than a few more weeks down the line. It hurts a lot to think about what could have been, but God might have good things in store for me.

  6. Ohh :(((( I am sooo very sorry for you!! But you know what, time will go by and before you know it, you will be ready to try again. See I miscarried during Thanksgiving week last year and this Thanksgiving I am going to hold my beautiful baby in my arms. God is working on making sure that you have a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby. me if you need to talk. So sorry, you had to go thru this :(

  7. Thanks a lot for the patient listening. I am slowly coming to terms with it and treating it purely medically now.
    All my best wishes are with you. Baby dust!

  8. No worries..Mourn the loss, cry, then pull yourself together..,atleast you know you can get pregnant and will soon have a healthy happy pregnancy :)