Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy days

I had my end of first trimester ultrasound yesterday. Everything is just fine. The ultrasound technician was so sweet, she took the time to explain everything she was looking at and kept up the reassuring comments..The staff at my doctor's office all shared in my happiness on learning about the normal ultrasound. I wanted to reach in and hug my cutie baby - he/she was dancing all around and the tech had to keep up with him/her. I am already eagerly waiting to hold my baby in my arms and kiss her/him over and over and over....

We told R yesterday, she was thrilled! She kept hugging my tummy and wanting to feel the baby. She insists that we have a baby girl because she wants a sister. Now she is announcing to all and sundry that my Mommy has my baby sister in her tummy. Life feels so peaceful and happy - I want to hold on to this moment forever.

I called my birth mom to give her the news, even though she already knew. She was very happy for me. I realised at that time how rare it is to have people who are genuinely interested in your well being and are happy in your happiness. If we stop to think and count the people who love you unconditionally, how many would we get? I am so blessed to have my handful of family and friends who stand by me through thick and thin, even though some people might be more adept at handling the tougher situations in life than others.

My gyne also told me I am overweight and should go on a diet :( Isnt pregnancy the time when you can morph into a huge elephant and people will still go "Aww you glow". I am 5 feet four and weigh 150 pounds :( I used to be 118 pounds once upon a I am looking at dieticians who will help me plan my meals and most importantly my snacks...


  1. Yay that's good to know. I'm glad that everything is going fine. hugs!

  2. Oh thatz sweet sweet news :)
    I am so happy for u Sonia. God bless u all :)

  3. happy news makes me very very happy..
    Good to know that we have a handful of people who are there with us no matter what:)

    tk, and cya soon

  4. Hey Sonia, I'll be following your updates. Good to hear one milestone is healthy. Stay on diet check.

  5. congrats...regarding ur weight, dont worry abt it...look at me , iam 5 feet 4 and I weigh a ton and i never even got pregnant..


  6. Thanks PNA :)
    Anjali, Thank you :) Trying to stay on diet check...days are spent thinking of healthy things to eat!
    Tys: LOL!! You are sooo funny hahaaa...chalo atleast I have a bahana of being overweight ;)

  7. Hey Sonia -

    Don't worry about the weight, just think good things about the baby, I am 5' 5" and weigh much more than 150. So be happy, yahin time hain :) Big BIg hug to you. Talk to you soon


  8. Hi Nids, Thanks yaar..dekh na, I was so bored with the whole overweight issue - sigh, jaaney dey I am not going to think much about it now..

  9. Wow..congratulations..R is so cute..and I bet is super excited..

    Take good care of you..I am sure everything will go well :)_