Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aal izz well

Ladies, the fastest way to obtain inner peace is to sabotage your husband's career and make sure that he is always at your beck and call :)

1) I requested P to come home by six at the latest everyday so he would be around to deal with R.
Is it hypocritical that I do not want to have anything to do with my first born child while I wait for another kid to be born? I am perfectly content to do my own thing and be left on my own in the evenings nowadays. It lets me relax and destress and not feel guilty about spending quality time with R, atleast one of us is and she is happy and smiling.....and yes, she is bonding more with Daddy and my most-important-person status is being lost, for which I felt the slightest pang of jealousy which quickly faded away.
2) So P leaves real early and gets back around the same time as we land. He works with this dynamic group of youngsters who have no life and work around the clock in the office and here is P trying to hold his own while balancing his work-life. But I will not regret it, this is temporary.
3) I asked my colleague to help me with my August end deadline project, after all he is the one I am transitioning the project to, when I go on my maternity leave/last day of work with my company.
4) I took half a day off from work yesterday and surprisingly the world didnt screech to an end. I took a looong nap in the afternoon and woke up super refreshed.
5) I am avoiding my boss so she doesnt feel the urge to dump new responsibilities/initiatives on me.
6) I reached out to my childhood best friends and my mother that I was going into depression and they all frantically called me back and shook me up and reminded me of how strong I was and how illogically I was thinking and stressing and it helped.
7) You guys helped too!!! My virtual friends - Thanks so much for your sweet comments and concern!!
8) To hell with being scared of the insulin shots, I will cry over it when I have to take the first shot.
9) Likewise I will cry/freak out over the future when scary things happen - I remain unemployed for more than six months, my in laws land and nothing has changed from the past and it gets stressful, I dont find a nanny who almost loves my kid as much as I do - believe me, the caretaker at R's home daycare absolutely adored her, there are people like that out there.
10) I dont look fat at all, in fact I look super cute!

What is that saying about the past is history, the future is a mystery but the present is a gift? So I am going to cherish this gift - my present.....and be grateful for all the wonderful things I have in life - my strong supportive family, the mere fact that I am pregnant and will have a second baby (there are so many in this world who want their own child and cant have one), my career, my health, my life.....and my friends - both real life and virtual...Thanks!


  1. Way to go. That's super duper outlook. Things will fall in place just like that you will see. Loads of good wishes Sonia. :-)

  2. Yay yay yay! Am sooo happy to read this post :)
    The right way to go Sonia :)

  3. there u go , cant even sustain a depression...bloody stupid hormones.. :)

    anyways, hang in there and where possible laugh at it...but when my wife did it; with a broken dish at her feet, the eldest one running around the house pretending to be a plane and the new born wailing; i was actually scared.

  4. yay yay yay...i am so happy to read this...stay positive, be happy...that's all it's about as of now :) hugs...and lots of love!

  5. Good to see this change in you :))
    Be like this only....
    Happiness starts within t allow , no one can make you feel down ..
    And yes..Keep avoiding boss...Even I do the same :))...let's shake hands ?? :))

  6. Thank you so much all of you!!!
    Tys that is scary, your poor wife!! Sustaining depression is hard work yaar, dont even have the energy for it, its easier to be happy :)

  7. Hey, I have totally delegated all of Aarzu's work to the husband. They are bonding really well. And I love the time off. After 4 years. No guilt on my part :) I could relate to it completely.

  8. T&D, srsly I dont know why I have this ego in me to be all superwoman, its his kid too and am I not working full time like him and juggling home and work too..