Thursday, August 12, 2010

We are having a girl!!!

Yesterday I crashed on the sofa after work...I thought I would feel better after eating dinner but nearly passed out in the bathroom so as I sat sobbing on the bed - thoroughly annoyed by my exhaustion, I pleaded with P to get the envelope with the baby's gender written in it. Flashback - we had decided to not find out the gender of the baby and keep it a surprise. Then at the last minute, I lost my resolve and asked the ultrasound technician to write it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. P knows how bad I am with keeping secrets so he had hidden it away somewhere safely...

So back to story - I just wanted one less thing unknown about the future so P got the envelope, we asked R to read the note. Poor girl told us sincerely "But Mommy, I cant read". We said Its okay, just read the alphabets one at a time. She started with G.......and the rest is history. We are gonna have two girls (R and the baby, not twins)!!!

P was completely fine while I actually sat there and for a moment felt like I had failed something. I am still so embarassed and shocked at myself; its so unreal. Why would I ever even think like that? But anyways his mother, my birth mom, his aunts were all counting on a boy and I knew they would all be disappointed when we give them the news. Then I panicked and thought if I could be able to love another girl as much as I loved R. After all illogical thoughts and worries zoomed by, I relaxed and I am actually much much calmer now.

I feel like I can do this. This seems like a familiar road. We are already set on all the clothes and other accessories. Granted this baby will be a unique individual, I feel like we can definitely leverage our lessons learnt from R. I have already started dreaming about redecorating R's room, buying doll houses and such. The sisters growing up, maybe hating each other but then becoming best friends as they grow older. I have a brother and a sister and while I cannot say who I would pick if I had the choice to have only one sibling, I still feel that girls who dont have sisters yearn for one all their life.

So thats it - its another baby girl :)))

Oh and my birth mom did say to me that she was hoping for a boy so the picture would be complete and we would have a model family - Oh family is picture perfect anyways with a wonderful husband and two healthy girls - what more could I want? :)


  1. yay!!! congrats, Sonia...i'm v happy to know it's a girl...the sisters will have a blast for sure :D

  2. Awww sisters r the best :) I wud never trade mine for anything even though she is my best to fight with too ;) ;)
    And three cheers to the happy and healthy family - picture perfect ofcourse :)

  3. YaY !!and imagine the blast you all 3 ladies are gonna have. and not to forget two best friends for you once your girls grow up :-)

  4. Woooooooooooo..Good news..It's the time to party ....a girls are always much much better than least this is what I believe..Don't think about what others wanted & all shit.. your family is already complete with your daughter..& your another girl is adding more joy..:))

  5. Hey Sonia...
    I was disappointed too when I got tom know that I am having another BOy..I so so wanted a girl, but u know what there is nothing like 2 sisters or 2 boys, they are equally unique like a brother and sister. The best is to have 2 boys and 2 girls ;) Just kidding...Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life and you have a perfect family and no one can change that. Love and hugs, will call ya today..Congratulations to you and your family once again.

  6. Thanks guys!!! I am so very excited now and cant stop dreaming of my two beautiful daughters growing up :))
    Nids, I would love to have another kid but this pregnancy has just about killed me now - sigh...tuney phone kiya kya, I have been super swamped at work :(

  7. Hey! congratulations. Hoping you have a very healthy, very cute (is there any other kind? :D) baby girl! :-)

  8. Congratulations Sonia! And I agree with Nids. Parents always want a boy and a girl but for children there is nothing like two boys and two girls. My sister is the only one who has stood with me through all ups and downs.

  9. Aww T&D, sister does stand by me too while my brother thinks about himself first most times :(

  10. Congrats Sonia! Two girls are always a blast you know! Three strong women in the house. God bless you four.

  11. so u r going to make do with what ur fate has in store for u..

    fuck the rest...u r going thru it...its ur lesson...ur want....u chose it...somehow, in some place...u had ur reason..once...u may not remember but that does not make the choice her... shes ur choice... she chose u for that...

    philosiphical crap...but think abt it...what does a child mean? it only abt gender?..or perhaps it cud be abt ur shared genes. gender is just an the big picture ( if theres one), its such an important thing...he/shes alive... and u both made it happen...a energy expessing...who knows what its capabilities are?....u can only do so much..u need to leave the rest to the adventure of life ...not god, fate or some such nonsense...but to the most amazing thing about existence....the unpredictability of it all....

    oh, before i forget....its going to be a boy..

    does it even make a difference?

  12. Congratulations :)

    I am so happy for you.. I bet the sisters will have a blast growing up and will be best of pals beyond.

    Super excited for you.. :D

  13. Thanks Comfortablynam and Shilpa...I am excited too!

    Tys, I am so over the whole girl/boy thing by now, I spent a few days just angry with my birth mom for thinking less of my beautiful family...but now I am just super grateful to have two healthy babies :)

  14. A family is complete when you think it is, and in the way you want it to be :) You're so right when you say girls without sisters yearn for one. I really am envious of sisters who are really there for each other.

  15. Congratulations!

    I have 4 sisters and wouldn't give up any of them.

    Most days, anyway.

    Thanks for coming by!