Friday, March 25, 2011

Fairy tale endings in real life

He replied back to my messages on FB. And told me that he is so pleased to hear from me and how painful it was to be detached from me and how all these years he never knew where I was or how I was doing and how he still remembers coming to meet me as a baby. I cried after reading each one of his messages. We are communicating with each other. I cant say or share more. I have decided I am going to keep my family out of it, I dont want their personal opinions or biases to cloud whatever relationship we choose to create. I cannot believe how blessed I am. Thank you God a thousand times over for showering so much love on me. After every message, I have stayed awake all night and cried over and over. I feel jetlagged without any travel now. And I have an interview to prepare for.

Many many many thanks to all of you guys for supporting me and giving me the strength to reach out. If I could meet you in person, I would be hugging you tight right now, but for the meantime, virtual hugs from me to all of you...Seena, Anon, Tys, Tears and Dreams, Swaram, Titaxy, Nidhi....all of you and anyone else I forgot to mention...


  1. I am so excited, I feel like crying too..I am so happy for you girl, I can totally understand how excited you are..finally the story has the happiest ending..You made my day.its a great news..

    Good luck for the interview ..stay calm and will get through it..

    Tight hug to you too Sonia..


  2. Seena, I am reading his messages to me and my messages to him over and over and over, I really should focus and practice for my interview! Thanks so much dear! I still cannot believe this!

  3. :)... this is great news.

    now only the job remains..

    that too will work out...have a great life...thanks a lot for letting me cousin has already reconciled...things will never be the same between them but she makes sure that he is involved in her life...i guess that also works...who knows what can happen...idea , i think, is to keep the bridge in working condition...

  4. God bless u Sonia. So happy for u :)
    And more hugs :)

  5. Also, gud luck for the interview :)

  6. So very happy for you. Glad this ended up as a happy thing for you. Hugs. And good luck with your interivew. :)

  7. Thanks Swaru and Comfy. Interview went well and now crickets chirping again!

  8. Reading all your posts today, was so busy with my life, taht didn't even see or feel what you are going through...I hope things work out for you my friend