Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The power of social networking

Today on a whim, I typed in my birth father's name on "Search everyone" in Face book and there he was. A hand around his wife who was holding their grandson. I looked and looked at their picture for a long time. I thought to myself meanly that my birth mom is more beautiful than this lady for sure but even then couldn't bring myself to think bad for her. Because she did seem like a really nice woman. This just led downhill as I then discovered his kids and their spouses and looked through their photo albums and read the posts on their walls and discovered his brothers and their extended families. All of my day which should have been productively spent in job search or chores around the house or spending time with baby S whizzed by as I looked at the lives of these people with whom I share a common gene.

For some time I was tempted to add him as a friend and send him a message. But it has passed. He has a great family, I have an awesome family. There are people on my side - especially my birth mother, who will be hurt as hell if I reached out and I am sure there will be people on his side who will be hurt by me.

I am lacking for nothing in my life, I have no void left over by an absent father just because my Dad, the person who had no obligation and blood relations to me adopted me and has stood steadfastly and firmly behind me all these years. He has been a pillar of monetary, emotional, moral and physical support for me. From teaching me how to ride a bike to wiping my tears away when I flunked my CA finals to encouraging and cheering me on every obstacle I faced to celebrating my successes - my CA degree, my first job, my marriage and on and on. He is still there, a phone call away telling me confidently "You will of course get the job you want, enjoy this time with S and R and everything will work out just fine". I have no void. I have a father who has gone above and beyond his duties/responsibilities as a father.

But still I stop and wonder sometimes, especially after having babies of my own, does he ever think of me? His first child, the first grandchild in their huge family? Does he ever stop and wish to get in touch with me, to know me? He turns sixty one this year, as he enters the last phase of his life, does he wish to talk to me, to apologize for walking away, to not getting to know me ever. I stop and wonder and then again am tempted for a second to click the "Add friend" button on Face book.....

I think this is one situation which I know I will regret for sure - I will regret never ever talking to him when he passes away but yet, I am paralyzed and cannot proceed for fear of hurting a lot of people. If I was assured that no one else in this world would know and if we could just meet together - only the two of us, I would take the first step. But for now, I am scared. I have not been the greatest daughter to my birth mom, I have punished her long and hard for not being strong enough, but this is something I cannot do to her. I know it will crush her and I love and care for her more than him to hurt her like that. I am also not sure of the kind of person he is, and I do not want to hurt myself. I do not want to risk opening Pandora's box and upsetting a lot of people. Maybe this is for the best, if fate ever brings us together in a chance meeting, then so be it. Until then I will push these thoughts away and focus on my present and the people who love me and cherish me and have fought for me to keep me and to nurture me.

P.s: I realize I had written a similar post when R was born :)
Sigh....what is the right thing? Who can look in a magic ball and tell me the answer?


  1. I agree you will regret when he passes and you could not talk. And its time when you will have nothing in your hand to undo-redo things. Just saying 'if I had...'. I have seen this at my home between my grandfather and father. So so talk. If you are scared talk offline(a mail or pvt message maybe)and till you get to know if he is interested in knowing you keep it for yourself or between u and ur husband. Meeting and all comes after it and its upto u to decide. But if you feel like it go do it and do not spend energy and time thinking on it. Do it and end it. Its difficult but still you want it and there is none who can do it for you. Ek ghav don tukde... Either Yes or NO.
    Keep your spirits high. Job will be there but this time is your time. I have been through it. believe me its just our perspective how we look at things. Remember something better is in store for u so you are going through this. Go ahead will like to hear from you....

  2. Hi Sonia,

    I think you have been trying to contact him for last 2 years, I think you must do it. There is no point regretting abt it later. Once you contact and don't get a response you must give it up. You will be peaceful. Best of luck.


  3. Anon: Thanks for your comment. I did do it and am more at peace now :)
    Seena: Thanks, you are right, I do feel peaceful now and find that I no longer care if I receive a response from him or not...

  4. It is such a difficult situation to be in. Loads of hugs.

  5. Thanks Comfy! It's done now

  6. Am so glad it's all fine now Sonia :) Loads of hugs!