Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did it....

One thing crossed off my list of things to do in life.....
Here is the message I sent him:

Hello Mr.XYZ,

I am ABC's daughter. I saw you on Facebook and thought that we should say Hello once in our lifetime - yours and mine. So Hello :)

Have a great rest of your life,

I do feel much more peaceful now. I hope he checks his FB himself and does not rely on his kids or his wife to do it for him. I am not really keen or enthu to be pally pally with his whole family. Why stir up trouble and I have a pretty awesome family myself too, its not like I am yearning for love..I also realized that I won't even feel bad if he doesn't respond. I know that he will have read this message and looked at my profile picture and I am satisfied with that much. I did not want to go through life never ever saying Hi or being aware of each other - I have seen his pictures but this way I know that he has finally seen me too.

I have not told anyone except one of my closest friends and my best friends from school who know of my blog will find out about this eventually too so girls, if you are reading this, please don't call me up and yell. Its done. But just in case I get into trouble or am hurt, please do hold my hand ;)

Now I should focus on to more productive things in my life :)


  1. Oh Sonia, I am so glad that you did it. I am sure you will never regret for this moment, even if he doesn't respond. I am so happy for you..Wish you a happy weekend.

    Yeah you must concentrate on other things. Good luck.


  2. Thanks Seena! I will focus on other things now :)

  3. Hugs! Sry for nt being there in this space then :( But I ws caught up in a very busy schedule. But u know am always with u :) Hugs and may God bless u with good things in life :)