Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because I am a slow learner..

and cannot take hints...

Hi Mr.XYZ,

Lets start over again. My name is Sonia and I was born on so and so in so and so city. My parents are divorced and happily remarried with families of their own. I have had a happy childhood too and continue to lead a loved and peaceful life. So you might say; why do I want to look in my past and reach out?

I dont know if its because I am an optimist and believe in happy endings (for myself) or maybe because I have stayed too long in the US where having birth and adopted parents is nothing new, I dont know. But I am 34 today and have few regrets so far, and I know that when I will be your age, I will regret never having gotten in touch with you. Over the past couple of years, since having kids and being a parent myself, I began to wonder if you ever thought of me. I do not know anything about you and I am sure you dont know anything about me but I have this wish of getting to know you a little bit someday.

I would like to hear your thoughts. If you do not appreciate my contacting you, please let me know and I will never bother you again. I do not intend to cause you any trouble, nor do I expect anything from you.

Best Regards,



I also told my parents that I reached out and the amazing awesome parents that they are, they totally understood where I was coming from. They also said that you have done what you had to do, now forget about it. Same advice as given to me by everyone else. I am not going to tell anyone of this second email now. For the three of my readers who know me in real life, I do not wish to discuss this with you so shoo away :) I am saying this with louuwe :) For my virtual friends, its easier to hear criticism and support from you guys ;)

NOW I feel better and have closure. NOW I do not care if he gets back or doesnt. End of story until there is an update...


  1. I missed your posts last week and just caught up :) Many many hugs to you for taking this step Sonia.

  2. Hey Sonia, I see you girl, how badly you want a happy end to your story. Good luck..But be prepared for the worst. Don't loose heart if you don't get a response..Hugs to you..


  3. Chances are he is thinking and just doesnt know what to do.
    chances are he is torn on what to say or what to do.
    Having been absent he may think he failed you.
    Chances are he may just be a numero uno douchebag.
    who knows? Move on.
    spend the energy and love on your kids, hubs, parents and even your in laws :)
    I know we all want it to have oprahesque ending (I just invented that word)
    but I remember reading this when I read Obama's "Dreams of my father" about his mother
    "I think sometimes that had I known she would not survive her illness, I might have written a different book - less a meditation on the absent parent, more a celebration of the one who was the single constant in my life. In my daughters I see her every day, her joy, her capacity for wonder. I won't try to describe how deeply I mourn her passing still. I know that she was the kindest, most generous spirit I have ever known, and that what is best in me I owe to her"

    Think about that and cheers

  4. Hi Sonia...came over to your blog through Parul's. Loved the way you write...I was so hooked I read through almost 10 - 15 posts. Somehow felt like I already know you.

    Hugs on taking this huge step. Wish you happiness always...

  5. Titaxy: Thank you sweetie, hope everythings well with you.
    Seena: Hugs back...Thanks so much
    Travelbug: Thanks for sharing the excerpt from Obama's book - you are absolutely right...because of this unknown naata that I am trying to pursue, for a little bit, I had lost sight of the ones in my life who are here for me
    Divs: That is so sweet of you..Thank you so much!