Monday, May 11, 2009

From the eyes of my child

My eyes open, its semi dark in the room but I can make out a sunny day outside the closed blinds. Where is she? I roll next to her and cling to her; "Wake up", I say softly. There is no response…"Wake up wake up, Jojo all done", I say. This amuses my sleeping parents and they both smile in their sleep. I hand my Mommy her glasses as an ultimatum; "Wake up! Lets go downstairs!"

My Mommy wakes up and hugs me tight, then kisses me over and over; not the Purrrr disgustingly wet kisses I blow on her cheeks but soft Muaaah kisses. She says “Good Morning sweetipie”. I love mornings. Daddy tickles me and hugs me. I love lying between them; its quiet and peaceful and fun. Soon the morning routine picks up. Mommy Daddy run around getting ready while I demand Dora. I repeat to make sure Mommy has heard and understood me “Mommy, I wanna watch Dora right here, on this TV”. Mommy switches on the DVD player…..I love to watch Dora….Swiper and Boots are soo cool. I don’t realize when Mommy has changed my clothes. She switches off Dora and carries me into the bathroom and brushes my teeth, combs my unruly hair and sticks a hair pin, matching my outfit, in it. I happily follow her down stairs she puts on my shoes and straps me into the car seat. We drive and drive and then she stops the car and I follow her inside. Suddenly there is chaos, all the girls and boys are shouting, crying, laughing, screaming, crying………I clutch Mommy’s hand. Mommy, don’t leave me here. The girl next to me is crying out for her Mommy….Mommy, she says and wails again. I clutch my Mommy’s hand again. My Mommy is right here with me. Mommy feeds me breakfast. A boy comes in with Mommy, his Mommy leaves, boy cries and cries, Ms J shows pictures to boy. Another girl comes in with Daddy, Daddy leaves, girl cries and cries. My Mommy is right here, I clutch her hand. Mommy and I go into my room, Mommy likes my room, I think I like it too, when my Mommy is here. Ms.J is coming….uh oh why are you picking me up? Mommy is saying “See you soon” Nooo Mommy don’t go, don’t leave me. R cries and cries……….

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