Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Self realisation

For all of you out there who think they are in hit and fit condition, please humor me and jog naked for 5 seconds in front of your bathroom mirror, then note the ripples and jiggles and tell me if you dont feel like someone just burst your happy bubble!

I tried it today, the resulting image was like my aunt shooting with a camcorder, everything shaking, my whole body was just this sheet of ripples - EVERY thing jiggled !!!! It was cellulite gone crazy !! Sigh......I need to recruit the lilliputs from Gulliver's travels to stretch and tie back all of my sagging, flabby, jiggling fat and create a smooth lean look :)

(Ok will stop here as my mind wanders into - but what should be done of the extra fat hanging at the back etc etc.....)


  1. lol i've done that so many times!!!! it m otivates you to get on that road and run away though!! :D