Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer brings visitors

So the inlaws will be here soon !! This time I am surprisingly calm and peaceful! What has changed? Maybe its the weeks spent in freaking out/getting stressed/fighting with my husband and finally putting it to rest; they want to be sponsored for green card and apply for citizenship, when eligible, so we are talking long term committment here dearies. Maybe its my father constantly reminding me that there is more to life and I have a management degree and should put it to use inside the house too and that I should rise above petty ego issues on who is the better home maker here and focus on my child, my husband, my career and my health and other goals. Maybe its my mother who keeps reminding me to let go of my ego and see how happy one's life can be. Maybe its my determination to not waste the healthy and happy years of my life being bitter and stressed over people who have lived their own life to the fullest and with no responsibilities whatsoever, apart from raising their own children. Maybe its because I have signed up to run for not one but two half marathons and will be busy training; a healthy body does host a healthy mind. Maybe its the beautiful weather outside and my happy smiling baby (Touch wood!) and my husband with restricted ability to display emotions but is deeply in love with me.....Whatever the reason, I am determined not to live my life in unnecessary sorrow..


  1. All the best Dear.
    It won't be as bad as it would have been had you had to go and live with them.
    Once the vistors become permanent, things change on every front. You cant bend over backwards in a permanent arrangement even if you try. So don't stress before it has happened. The future you will know how to handle the situation because she will be in it :-)

  2. T&D, so true! You are very wise :) I am already impressed with my maturity so far hehe