Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Key to happiness

When I started my blog, it was really to have a place where I could be anonymous and record my thoughts, my experiences and my feelings. I am not by nature a reserved person, I share everything with my parents, my husband, my siblings, my best friends; at the slightest hint of trouble or difficulties, I call upon my support group to vent. Then why this blog? I think I still needed a place to write – without having to explain anything to anyone. Anyways it started off with a simple purpose, slowly I discovered new things like setting stat counters so you could track traffic, different online clubs and groups….For some reason the purpose of having my blog started shifting, I started seeing how many people visit my blog and would be disappointed when few did, started thinking about how do I increase visibility, wanted to join the various online groups, wanted to be a part of this huge population of bloggers……and suddenly the simple purpose started creating stress…..

This reminds me of a parallel situation in my running group; the first few weekends, I was being competitive and tried to run faster and keep up with the group…this led to more injury, disillusionment and stress, running was no longer fun. Last weekend I shed all inhibitions – didn’t care about what the runners would think about me, didn’t care about if the 14-marathon runner mentor who ran at my pace would be bored accompanying me, didn’t care if I was trailing the group and I had fun! and I ran, ran 6 miles at that !

Have decided that this should be the mantra of my life; no matter if it is blogging or running or anything else, once you stop thinking about what others are thinking about you or stop expecting anything from anyone, life becomes much more stress free and enjoyable.

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