Monday, May 11, 2009

Have shoes, will run......

I underestimated the power of good running shoes; I had been running in my Nike running shoes which I had bought with my own amateurish logic and had severe aches and pains in my legs after running just 4 miles.

So off I went to an athletic store where they very seriously observed how I walked and then told me how my feet were flat, how they had absolutely no fat on them (now thats something which I wish someone would say about the other parts of my body!), how I needed more padding beneath my foot to make it more comfortable, how when I ran, my legs turned inward (Eww, and I thought I was as graceful as a gazelle :( My feet had never warranted so much attention from an outsider ever in my entire life. (I had felt the same way about my boobs when I had my baby, the time I spent fussing, agonizing, worrying about everything related to my hurty milk spurty dont think much of a body part and then suddenly one day its all about that...anyways I digress so back to my feet..)

So now I have beautiful comfortable socks and shoes (Yes, there are special socks and bras and running wear, forget pulling on an old T shirt and running...) I ran 6 miles this weekend !!! Am still in disbelief over myself and am insanely proud of myself too....Somewhere deeep within, I am beginning to think that I might actually be able to pull off my half marathon !!!

So calling all women, over 30, over 20 pounds overweight and no stamina and no inclination to workout in the past couple of years, if I can do this, you can totally do it too. Get off your computers, go buy some good shoes and start running !!

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  1. my god, more i read you, more i see similarities with you.

    i have flat feet too. my birth parents are ... what should i say ... tools too. :p