Friday, November 6, 2009

Man proposes God disposes

Some things are completely out of your control. I am too exhausted even to type this post but I want to do it so that one day when things are fine and I have a healthy happy baby, I can look back and remind myself in future trying situations that there are happy endings.

I am having my blood checked everyday and my HCG levels refuse to double/increase at the expected pace. They are practically creeping by but thankfully they are not falling which is then a sure sign of miscarriage. So right now there is a chance of miscarriage and I can still hope for miracles to happen and the pregnancy to sustain and a happy ending.

I am transitioning to my new job at work, trying to hold down two jobs at this time, the hubby has a hectic schedule at work, I am constantly tired and weepy, my toddler picks up on all this and demands more and more attention, and I literally feel the hangover from the inlaws visit. A ray of sunshine in this is that my Mom is flying in to spend time with me till I feel better. Arent Moms the best? Pray for me all ye anonymous friends....


  1. I have been checking this space everyday.
    Thank God, there is still some hope.
    You are in my prayers.

  2. Thats so sweet of you TD. Thanks for your prayers...I feel much better now with Mom headed over, she takes the pressure off...

  3. Oh those HCG levels are the very devil to track. I totally feel for you.

    You have your mom's touch to look forward to. That is so comforting.