Monday, November 9, 2009

Content in this century

I was thinking yesterday that if this were 500 years ago, I would have surely died in childbirth or never had kids. When I had baby R, I had gestational diabetes, then when it was time to deliver, she was stuck and the doctor had to use forceps and what not to free her. Now my second time around, my progesterone levels and HCG levels are low. She immediately prescribed progesterone supplements which took care of the bleeding and now those levels have gone up. HCG is out of our hands, its the health of the baby and no medicines or supplements or anything will have any effect on it. If this were 500 some years back, I would definitely not been able to carry this baby so far, I would have had many bleeding episodes and lost it.

I am really glad to be born in the 20th century! I also do not wish to be here 500 years from now when robots take over the world and food is reduced to taking vitamin supplements and food pills and what not (my very rudimentary vision of the future from low budget sci fi movies)...

Sigh anyways my doctor's office is not even scheduling wellness check ups for me, they are all kinda waiting, its endless bloodtests and prenatal screens, there is an unsaid message lingering in the air - If this pregnancy sustains, then we can talk about a milestone check up :( Hoping for the best and prepared for the worst is where I am right now :)

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