Monday, November 2, 2009


Red is a color you dont ever want to see when you are pregnant. Last night on a routine trip to the bathroom, thats exactly what I saw - shocking bright red. I havent stopped crying since. My back is killing me and my doctor's office doesnt open till ten so all I can do is sit and wait and hope and pray.

I was about to cancel my India tickets, turned away the swine flu vaccine and now this!! I feel like the Universe is against me! Cancel India, dont take flu vaccine, wait till end of first trimester blah blah and now no pregnancy maybe......

I am exhausted but am just waiting for some confirmation so I can put it behind and move past. Maybe fate dictates something else, maybe I am required to be here with my husband and baby in the US and not go traipsing internationally.

I never track my site traffic but if you are passing through and read this, will you please pray for me?


  1. Omg!I am praying for you Sonia.
    with wishes, hugs and prayers,

  2. Hey...just passing through and saw this. I'm hoping for the best - lots of hugs your way...