Saturday, February 6, 2010

Honestly speaking...

My first ever award (for writing)!!! It was a Miss Universe type moment when I logged on to my computer and went to one of my favorite blogs to read and saw this award given to me...Thank you so much dear Roops!! I am SO thrilled!! The award says to write down ten honest things about oneself so here goes...

1) I got married to my husband within a week of saying Yes to the rishtaa and realised what I was doing on the day of my marriage; result: looking terrified and unsmiling in ALL my wedding pictures :(
2) The divorce of my birth parents was final on my birth. I never saw my birth father and vice versa. At the age of three, my birth mother's sister and husband took me in to give me a "normal" family life; an act for which I am grateful every day of my life since...
3) When I was in India and in trying situations, I would go into the bathroom, look into the mirror, stare resolutely into my eyes and tell myself confidently that this is going to get better and project a future happy image.....worked every time.
4) Maybe becoz of 4 above, I believe in myself more than anyone/anything else.
5) I have this faded memory of a building uncle asking me to touch his pen!s; and this memory has awakened decades after the event, I dont know if its true or an overactive imagination.
6) I do not like odd numbers, if I am making a list and am ending on an odd number, I make up one more just so I end on an even number.
7) I wish I could get along with my mother in law and share a wonderful mother-daughter relationship.
8) I desire to run the full marathon one day
9) I am trying to get pregnant now and trying not to think about it much so that it doesnt lead to tears every time my periods come around.
10) I am terrified of losing someone, first it was my father and I would have nightmares over him passing away, now its the fear of me and my husband being divorced, ten years into our marriage, the fear is slowly fading away.

I would like to tag some of my other favorite bloggers - Tears and Dreams, Anna Parabrahma, Some of my thoughts - these girls write from their heart and deserve the Honest blogger award.......and anyone else who stops by and reads this post, after all I am not a very networked blogger and dont know very many, yet...


  1. Wow! what an honest post. And thanks for the award Sonia. I have been crazy busy. But will definitely take this one up.

  2. Hey T&D, will be fun to read your list..

  3. Congrats on the award. I have been lurking around for some time. Good to see a post after so long! :)

  4. Thanks Sonia, I'll accept the tag but might need some time to post. Humm but whom do I pass it on to, wondering?

  5. SSS: Thanks..Am so swamped with my cough-cold, work and home :(( Will be back soon.

    Anjali: Thanks dear, take your time...They say to pass it on to 7-8 people, I could only think of three :)

  6. SSS, do you want to take up this tag?? Go ahead :)

  7. Hi Sonia, Here after a long time. Was very busy with 2 kids. Definitely a very hoest post and you deserve the award. First one is very true for me, In all my wedding pics, I am unsmiling and very very nervous and scared. I spoile once in a lifetime moment pics for me and my hubby :)

  8. thank you so much sonia. Appreciate the award very much. WOnder if i really deserve it.
    When I blog, i try to be as honest as I can..only camaflouge it sometimes coz truth does hurt doesnt, it.
    Many thanks again.

  9. Hey Nids!! I feel so swamped with one kid, I dont know how you manage with 2!! And I agree, I look at other people's wedding pictures and regret not smiling in mine :((

    @Brahma, no one in my family knows I blog, not even my husband, so its easier being honest as I know, no one I know, will read it :)