Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anger management

is what I am lacking today.....

I have been coughing all night and day for the past week and I have just had it....every little thing and every idiot remark is setting me off. I have NO patience left to deal with anyone. I am MAD at:

1) My idiot doctor for not prescribing antibiotics even after I specifically begged him for them.

2) My daughter's daycare for ripping me off - she transitioned from two's room to preschool and they didnt change the amount they were charging in the system and lazy me didnt change my autopayments so I have been consistently paying more for the past month and so, and NOW they say they cant do anything about the past. I know past is irreversible in real life, but in computer systems payments life, it shouldnt be. Hmmphhh

3) P, because he keeps reminding me about my swimming class and as Tuesdays and Thursdays come and go, I try to muster strength to don my newly acquired "fat girl" swimsuit, a modest skirt and top to cover my yuccccccccccccky fatladen body and then realise that I would rather lie on the sofa coughing and blowing my nose than go swim :( There go the fees...

4) The fact that I am overweight - how did that happen? :( In my mind I am so slim and sexy :((

5) memories of my in laws's stays with us and how I cringe at the thought of them visiting again and then again, I do want us all to be a Hum Saath saath hain type family

6) myself, I want to do so much at work and be all Superwoman incarnate but everyday as five o clock rolls around, I wonder what I accomplished all day :((

7) myself and P, for letting R watch so much TV when we all come home from daycare and work but then again, when you are not feeling well, its so convenient to let Mickey Mouse Clubhouse do your work for you.

8) the lunch lady, who charged me for a meat sandwich when I had a veggie one; granted the difference is only a couple of bucks but still...the unfairness of it all :(

Siggggggh, what a relief!! Felt so much better and made me realise that the root of all my problems is my diminished physical condition so the minute my cough and cold gets better, I will be all smiling and sweet again :))) Thanks bloggie..


  1. I am scared to set you off again.... but.... I think it is all because of the cold ( cowers behind chair.. and ducks the imaginary pillow/file/cushion that has been flung at her!

    Cheer up! Have some hot soup with pepper in it.. or ginger tea! Will feel better instantaneously I guarantee!

  2. :)) Nai re heheee, I am a bit better now but the cold wont go away :((

  3. hey sonia,

    sorry to hear your sorry state. Just a couple of things, if its viral then its better that u work it out yourself without an antibiotic. An antiiotic is more helpful for a baterial infection.
    And dont worry about the weight gain ..its a sign of prosperity, I tell myself when evr I put on weight. Try aerobics for some quick weight loss :) btw i am now on a gain mode. got a BFP last week ;-) fingers crossed.

  4. A lot better now :)) Thanks for your sweet comments...What a BFP? Whatever it is, I will pray and hope for the best for you :)