Friday, February 19, 2010


I HATE this weather, its so cold and dreary outside....A good six months of our lives is spent indoors. Calculate how many days, months, years and it adds up to a huge chunk of life!! Why do we live here!! I wish we could just move but I dont know if I have the guts to uproot and move again. Its been ten years in my current place and we have family and friends nearby. It would be so hard to pack up and move but then this weather, below freezing, cold, dreary and dark.......

I was horribly unproductive today, I am going to be working from home on Fridays and all I did was eat everything in sight at home. Now as I gaze at my horrible tummy spilling all over my laptop, I feel gross :( How did I get so out of shape!!

R is here chattering away and P is taking a nap on the sofa which is irritating me even more. Lets ignore the fact that I did nothing all day while he went to work, I am still bored with the fact that he is sleeping during the evening hours. I am so bored.

We have turned into boring people with a bright kid who needs attention but we are too tired or too bored to do anything with her.

SIgggh......okay let me get off this idiot sofa and get something done...

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